Updating a fileld in Item Ledger Entry from Sales Line table

Hi Guys,

I am a functional consultant who is interested to know this as sometimes I can make things happen faster doing it myself than going through the process of getting technical consultant to get it done.

Say I have a new field “X”, in my “Sales Line” table, having the same ID and Name created in “Item Ledger Entry” table. My question now is, once a shipment is posted, how can I push the data over to “Item Ledger Entry” table? I have explored the Codeunit on the posting but cannot really find the exact place to work on.

Can someone kind enough to provide a comprehensive explanation and guide. Highly appreciated.


this post can give you some basic info.


If one of my clients asked me the same question that you’re asking, I’d highly recommend that they not start their efforts to learn NAV development in the deep end of the pool. It would be irresponsible for any of us to offer you a technical solution to the question you’re asking, knowing by reading it that you wouldn’t really understand the answer, and that the location of the code you’re asking about is in such a mission-critical place in the application (posting codeunits).

I admire your interest in knowing how to do more than you already know, I’m just hoping to make you aware that the experience that your technical consultants bring to the project should not be so quickly dismissed.

Hi George, thank you and I understand your concern. I am aware that how critical is the codeunits. I will not do anything to my customer database unless I really know what I am doing. Usually, I will test it on my own sample database.

For your information, I am someone who has developed an Accounting System on my own using Vb.Net, I am not someone who has zero development knowledge, just that Cside, the limitations and special way of developing in Nav is totally alien to me. Anyway, thanks for your input.

Thanks Mohana, I have got it!

Hi Adrian,

My apologies if I offended you, that was not my intent. I was only trying to point out that, as you’ve already observed, the NAV development environment and the business logic established by the applications are unique, and that doing any development work in the posting codeunits requires a fairly comprehensive understanding of how NAV processes transactions. Absent that understanding (experience), it’s easy to believe that you’ve got it right when you’ve made a change, and sometimes difficult to notice that you haven’t.

I think, in the end, all that I was trying to say was “Be careful.” :slight_smile:

Hi George,

No no no, not an issue, I really understand your concern, and also appreciate your sentence of “…and sometimes difficult to notice that you haven’t”. Because I was from a technical background. Thanks for that.

Cheers :slight_smile: