UpdateEditable problem in page

I have transformed a form into a page using Transformation Tool and then I have imported the page into NAV 2013.But when I am trying to compile the page I am getting an error due to the ‘UPDATEEDITABLE’ function as it is not supported in page object.The line of code using the function is-CurrPage.“No.”.UPDATEEDITABLE(FALSE);

How to handle this compilation error?Please help.

Actually I don’t know this function…it doesn’t exist in the form or page object in NAV 2009. Maybe you want to look up the source of the according object you came from und take a look what was really coded there? Maybe just something went wrong in the TSF-Toolkit.

Dear Jan,

This function is not supported in the RoleTailored client but it is there in NAV 2009.It dynamically changes the setting of the Editable property of a field, form, or control.

Hi Saheli,

ah, I see. Funny, I wasn’t aware of this function, maybe it’s because it’s only valid in the OnBeforeInput-Trigger. The online-help states that this function isn’t valid for RTC as well (which you know of already :-)). I think your only option is to decomment this line if you want to compile the object. Then you will have to think of a solution. The controls on a page have a property editable as well. You can enter a variable here as long as you set its property “IncludeInDataset” to true. So maybe you could create a function which decides wether your control is editable using the same conditions as in your old code and point the editable property of your control to the variable you get as result from your function?



Hi Saheli,

You have to modify the code as per RTC requirement .You can not use same code just like classic .

Dear Amol,

Is there any function in page which is equivalent to Updateeditable function of form?

Dear Jan,

What you have described works well while making a control editable or visible in nav 2013 but I am looking for handling the updateeditable function in nav 2013.

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