Update Upgraded ax 2009 Database (from AX 3.0) to an Existing AX 2009 data base


I have finished upgrading the code from AX 3.0 to AX 2009. In addition, when I started the code migration, I upgraded the existing AX 3.0 database to a new AX 2009 database.

The problem is that while doing the code migration, I added new tables, fields, data types, enums and methods to the AOT (and of course to the SQL database through synchronization)

Now I need to upgrade the final data from AX 3.0 that DOES NOT exist in my current AX 2009 table (the one I used while migrating my code) How can I do this without losing any of the new changes I introduced to the current AX 2009? Is there a tool or stored procedure?

Thank you so much!