Update SubForm-- Type field of Purchase Line by updating field on header

I have One Option field on puchase order header-like option 1,2,3,4

If i select option 1 on header i need default type in line is blank

if type is 2 on header i need Item type in line

if 3 then i need G/L Account type in line

if 4 then i need Fixed Asset Type in line

As soon as header option field validated i want to update subform line type.

Why do you need this when you can select directly from Line?

You can check the RecreatePurchLines function in the Purchase Header table. This should give an idea about how the lines are updated when something changes in the header.


You need to write code for that.

why ur going to select card…already s thr n subform…

Sir i have one custamization where i need this thing because type field editable false for user and what ever they select on header only that will look in line

Its a bad customization…please set type field editable in line…

Why we should play with Standard functionality of Navision It is better make user understand the standard functionality and it uses