Update SalesQuotationLine price from price on dialog form

I have a button on the Sales Quotation Line which opens a dialog form where a specific price will be selected and upon clicking “Ok” the line will update the unit price field (SalesQuotationLine.SalesPrice) with the selected price.

I am using the below code to store the selected record in args so that it can be brought back over to the SalesQuotationTable form. And that is where I get confused. I am not sure where I am supposed to do the updating. How do I know that the dialog value is coming back to the caller form? Do I need a new method that does the update? When the dialog form is closed is it using init of the sales quote form again?

[FormControlEventHandler(formControlStr(MJMPriceToolBreaks, CommandButtonOK), FormControlEventType::Clicked)]
    public static void CommandButtonOK_OnClicked(FormControl sender, FormControlEventArgs e)
        Args args = new Args();

        FormRun fr = sender.formRun();
        FormDataSource pricing_ds = fr.dataSource(formDataSourceStr(MJMPriceToolBreaks, MJMPricingTmp));
        MJMPricingTmp pricingTmp = pricing_ds.cursor();

I have been able to update the value of the caller line by going through the closeOk method on the dialog form to use a ttsblock to overwrite the price. However, now I am wondering about doing multiple additions to the sales line. I need to do this as we quote in different quantities.

I would like to have the user select multiple prices and overwrite the caller line and then check if there are more than 1 pricing selected. If there is then create a new line in the sales quote almost identical to the caller line record and add the other selected prices.