Update Resources in ProdRouteForm under Tab ResourceRequirements


I am new in AX.

I have been assigned a task of updating Resources in prodRoute Form.(the new resource will be selected from my form le craeted).

I have written a select query for the same.the resource gets updated in the ProdTbale but it doesnt shows in the ProdRoute form.

On reaserch I found that the resources in ProdRoute Form comes from some WrkctrlActivity & wrkcrtlReuqirmentSet ect tables.

I am not able to figure out how to update the resources & what tables to join etc to get the result.Also the system only allows those resources to add who have that capabilties.how do i valiadte the resource field after updating.

Kindly help

Hi Nazzi,

for updating must be in “ttsbegin and ttscommit”…i dont know whether you fallow or not…

see the below example

select forUpdate myTable
where myTable.Name==‘Craig Playstead’;

myTable.AmountMST += 100;
myTable.AccountNum = 1050;



Thanks for the reply…

i knw we have to use ttsbegin & ttscommit for updating…but as said the Resources data from ProdRoute form comes form WrkctrkActivity table…

I am nt able to figure how to link to get reuired result…Any help