Update posted date on posted invoice

Hi, how I can modify the posted date on a posted invoice? The invoice was posted with an incorrect date and I have a lot of invoices to post with older dates, but this is not more possible, because my number series is specified with the flag “Date Order”. Can I modify the posted date on the posted invoice manually? Thanks in advance Lukas

You could change the date. You will have to use a developer’s license, then run the table, find the record and change the date. However, consider the implications first. If you change the date, then the corresponding dates on the G/L Entries, Item Entries and Customer Entries will not correspond to the date on the invoice. Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S www.columbusitpartner.com

Hi Lukas, Instead of changing the Posted Invoice date you can Create a Credit Memo for that order and You can Create a Fresh Invoice with the correct data.If you have the Developer License you can change the Posting date on a Posted Invoice but if you navigate the invoice after changing the Posting Date , the system won’t show any Ledger Entries or G/L entries,because those entries are posted with the Posted Invoice Doc. no. and Posting Date.So it’s better to Create a Credit memo for the wrong Invoices. To Post Invoices with Older dates you have to un Check that Date Order Field in No. Series. Mohan Babu