Update on Indian developments on Navision

Hi all, i think all of us would be interested to know what verticals are developed and what are being developed, projects and the NSC’s which are doing projects on both MBS Navision and MBS Axapta in India. Currently Axapta is bieng talked more so i would like to know the Projects going on in Axapta. We are working on one which should be finalised This week. Please do keep all of us updated. regards vaibhav pednekar

Hi Vaibhav yes you are right and things are moving well in navision as at the moment we have 47 installation in India majority being acquired in the past one or two years. More on this ASAP, in the meanwhile the partner website should provide you the latest update. Regards.

Axapta is not yet launched officially. May be only few of the NSC’s work on this. Technology and version control are the major advantage of Axapta. I want latest local version of Axapta? Is it available in navision FTP site? padmanabh_hv@yahoo.com

Axapta 3.0 was launched in feb end this year. you can check out the localised version at ftp:\navisionindia.com\axapta.

Euroinfosys is a partner to Navision Axapta, probably you could check with them. Discrete eng tools & payroll verticals they have been developing on axapta.

hi padmanabh, i hope you have got the local version. regards vaibhav

Hi Nirupama, Sorry for quoting, Just for Info. You said there are 47 installations. Is the No. combined for both Navision & Axapta? I presume the No. is total implementations across India and irrespective of the Partner. Though there are frequent expressions about Pricing, but given the No. Navision is doing brisk business in India.

Hi Mohammad, Yes the number included both, the no of axapta installations were few (three actually). And yes again navision is moving well. regards

Hi Mohammad, 47 installations is history, the latest newsletter says that the total customer base now is 75 and they are confident of touching 100 by the end of this year. Regards Jyothi Mohan

MR Mohan Maji, Where we have to subsribe to get this news letter. Is there any user group for gopro retail

Hi Eswaran. The news letter is exclusively for NSCs, it is not available for others.There is no user group on GoPro, I searched for one, but unable to find one, Im planning to start one , [:p] Regards Jyothi Mohan


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MR Mohan Maji, Where we have to subsribe to get this news letter. Is there any user group for gopro retail