Update Item Available physical qty

Hi, Everyone.

The available physical qty shows ‘0’. But it should have some values.

I have checked the item transactions also it seems fine.

Now I am doing the constituency check.

Is there any other way to resolve this issue (code to update the corresponding values or some standard process) Kindly suggest.


thanks in advance.

Why do you think that there should be some quantity?

as i am technical person facing this issue and correct me if i wrong, if the inventory having the quantity with Physical inventory(ex-10qty) than it should shows Available physical(ex-10qty)?

What exactly do you mean by “inventory showing something”? Which table/form and fields are you looking at?

And then what you mean by “it” (in “it should show…”).

Hi Otis, having Physical inventory doesn’t mean that you must have Available physical inventory. Check this link, it will help you understand



2 physical and 2 reserved = 0 available. The screen shot is right, you have none available.

Interestingly the image on the post is not the image that was on the email alerting me to this post :slight_smile:


Hi, Adam

Already checked, the item does not have any reserved.

I knew adam, that image took for example purpose only, after that(croped the field) again I reposted.

Used this code to fix the issue,

static void Job_ InventSumRecalcItem(Args _args)


InventSumRecalcItem InventSumRecalcItem;


InventSumRecalcItem = new InventSumRecalcItem(“itemnumber”, true, checkfix::fix);



Thanks for everyone

  • My point being there is nothing wrong with what the system is showing you. Your code ultimately is not resolving your issue, finding the source issue that creates your problem should be your focus, and as standard a misalignment like this does not happen, more likely is writing code like this to fix things causes knock on impact.

Yes Adam, I agree your points. But end of the day they want solution whatever happen :frowning: . And I am also dnot know much in front ends(functional) scenarios.
And you have any other way to find these error (documents, codes, suggestion)kindly let me know, it will help me in the future.

That perfectly describes the issue, customising the system without understanding it and then writing more code to fix the end result. The solution is to fix the root cause, if indeed it was an issue t[emoticon:c28b2e4cc20f4ba28d1befdba6bed29c]he reserved stock is reserved for a reason, find out why it was reserved and change the approach or code causing the reservation. Your fix will now need to be run on a case by case basis. You are either “fixing” the wrong “problem” or "fixing " something that is not wrong [emoticon:c28b2e4cc20f4ba28d1befdba6bed29c]

Item not reserved (checked both SO and TO). No luck adam [emoticon:ca08b2c27c2f40e993e89508acf29e0b] .

Otis, Im absolutly agree with AdamRoue that customizations to the OnHand calculation should not be made as there are no issues with it. In order to try to understand what is going on (and hoping customizations are not affecting it right now) please follow this steps with your item and share your screen:

  1. Go to your OnHand inquiry and make columns look like this (you can hide/move them in order to do so)

  1. Press the Dimensions display option, and ensure there are no dimensions selected but the Item number and press Ok

  1. Press the Transactions option, verify you go at the very beginning of this screen, you should see there everything that is having an impact to your onhand. I think with this screens we may have a complete overview of your situation

Yes Hector, I’m too agree with Adam’s .

But really the item does not have any inventory transactions. Hereafter I have to work on some other ways to find the glitch. and thanks for you help.