Update fields on a Purchase Order

Hi all,

I have done a customised form whereby user has the possibility to create a PO which will create entry in the standard purchase order form(50).

Now, there is a boolean field[Created] will flag to TRUE if its created and I have placed the field(Qty. to Receive which comes from the form 50) on the customised form.

Also, each time when a user wants to change the qty. to receive on form 50 before posting, it should update the field Qty. to Receive found on customised form. And also after posting, it should take the new value for that field.

Please find my codes below:

ReqLineL.SETRANGE(“Last PO No.”,PurchaseLine.“No.”);
ReqLineL.SETRANGE(“Line No.”,PurchaseLine.“Line No.”);
ReqLineL.“Purch. Qty to Receive”:=PurchaseLine.“Qty. to Receive”;

The codes are not working actually…

Help me plz…



i guess source table of your customized form in Requisition Line…

What value is stored in Requisition Line Last PO No. field? is it Document No. or No.?

Should be

ReqLineL.SETRANGE(“Last PO No.”,PurchaseLine.“No.”);

ReqLineL.SETRANGE(“Last PO No.”,PurchaseLine.“Document No.”);

and also make sure that Line No. filter is right…

ReqLineL.SETRANGE(“Line No.”,PurchaseLine.“Line No.”);??

Hi all,

Yes Requisition Line record variable for my customised form.

I made a mistake while pasting the codes here. Its Document No. not No. on Purchase Line.

But its not working at all.
The fields on my customised form is not being refreshed after posting a Purchase Order(Form 50).

Plz help…


Where did you write your code to update the lines while posting?


I have written the code in a codeunit and I have called it on the Post button of my customised form.



You want to update the line in your customized form (requision line) each time whenever user modify Qty to receive in form50…

You have written code and calling the same in Customized form…is it?
you have to run the function from customized form each time manually to update the changes…

Is that your whole code? with that code you cant achieve what you want…