Update existing AX2012 AIF service - new fields

I have added a new field to an existing table / Query for an existing AIF service, and updated the service using the AIF → update service wizard

However when i Activate the service, the Field is not exposed.

The only way to do so is to create a new service based on the same query. I then add another field, and get the same issue. Couldnt find much documentation regarding this, hoping someone has come across this?

Please make sure that the following options are checked while updating the existing service-

1)Regenerate data object classes
2)Update AxBC classes

After running this wizard you need to find the AxBC class of the service and ensure that the parm method of the new field exists in the class.
Then go to AOT->Services and select the service ,right click->Add-Ins->Register service.

I am still struggling with it, what i have done is changed EDT type of a field to Description255 from Description…

What should i do the reflect this change on the service