Update Description

I want to update the description of table A from the another table B description, if the description of table A has a word “Direct”.

Hi Seemab,

Where do you need this? How did you try to solve this so far? And what is then your question?

I’ve written it before, please put a little more details into the questions. Unless you do, then you answers will be just as short as your questions. Better question = better answer! [emoticon:1435ff2429184e17bc948e4f19178e1e]

In g/l entry some of the documents has catch wrong description, the description should catch from comment table, i dont know where its comes from so urgently i want to update it and description having word " direct cost" should only be updated.

Use STRPOS to check if word “Direct” is present in “Description”:


G/L entries should NEVER be modified, after they have posted. They need to be changed before posting.

The descriptions of your GL Entries either come from the journals, where they are entered manually, or they come from sales or purchase invoices etc.

These descriptions looks like they are made from a costing process. If you need them to say something else, then you first need to find out who/where these specific entries are generated. Are they system generated, or are they manually entered?

The entries are system generated.