Update Conflict Error

Hi every one

I am getting this error message when i try to update the purchase order Line Details(LedgerAccount)


Cannot edit a record in Purchase orders (PurchTable).
An update conflict occurred due to another user process deleting the record or changing one or more fields in the record.

Please find the beloow screen shot

Does this happens for all the purchase order?
Do you have custom code that is called while updating the ledger dimension?

Hi kranthi

Thank you so much for giving reply.

Finally i closed this issue.


In PurchTable properties OccEnabled property set as No it’s working.


I don’t think it is a correct solution. The standard has it value set to Yes.
If you change it to No, you are loosing the benefits of OCC and may result other issues. Rather try to find the actual cause of the issue and fix it.

Ok kranthi
how to find out the actual solution can u please suggest me.

Update conflict may happen, if you are trying to update the old version of the record without rereading the actual values.
You need to debug and see how the modification of ledger account updating the purchTable and why is updating a old versoin.

Problem with only two PO numbers kranthi remining PO’s are updating correctly .
This one is customized as per my client that’s why i am updating old version.

What does that mean? Please provide more details.