Update cheque number and payment reference in payment journal

Dear All,

We have a situation where i need to update Cheque number/payment reference details after posting the journal.

We are paying to vendor by Electronic Cheque Payment System. After posting the journal, we send the payment details to bank. Bank will revert back with the cheque number, cheque remarks and other details.

I can update cheque details in LedgerJournalLines table, but i am not able to update to BankAccountTrans table.

If i dont update,it will be a problem at the time of bank reconciliation.

I am not finding relation between LedgerJournalTrans table and BankAccountTrans table.

Is there any solution for my issue? or is there any other way by which i can update cheque details which will effect all posted journal transactions??



Hi, please check the following relations:

BankAccountTrans - [TransDate; Voucher] - LedgerTrans - [TransDate; Voucher] - LedgerJournalTrans

Also I don’t think you can update the payment type for already posted transaction, but anyway you can create your own job with .doUpdate()

It is not advisable to edit the journal or transaction once it is posted.Even system will not allow you to edit the journal lines if you are editing manually.

I am also facing the same problem…

Have you find any solution for the same…?


Jinesh Shah

You may create a separate table to capture this data and create an additional field at Bank Transactions form and reconciliation form for user access.

This is not recommended to modify the posted transactions.

Hi Jinesh,

@Sachin Ahuja solution is the better one.

As we dont have standard relation we need to customize.

In my case i created a new column to store the “bankAccountTrans” recid, later checque no is updated in BankAccountTrans table using rec id .