Update button on Open transaction editing!

In some documentations about Ax2009 \Accounts payable payments it states that when it is used the Open transaction editing from Vendor details\Function if an invoice it is Mark that means that tihs invoice is settle for payment. But I don’t understand where or how is this invoice actually paid.


Hello Adrian,

The open transaction editing for any Customer/Vendor is used to settle transactions with payments:

If a payment was entered and posted, but not yet settled with an invoice or other transaction, you can settle the payment and invoice by opening the Open transaction editing form from the Customers or Vendors forms.

When you click the Update button, the selected payment and invoice transactions are settled. If the payment and invoice transactions are within the same company, the transactions change status according to the following rules:

If an invoice is not settled in full, it remains open.

If the amount paid is greater than the amount due, the invoice is settled and closed. The payment transaction for the customer remains open for the amount by which the payment exceeds the amount due.

If the payment amount is less than the amount due, the payment amount is subtracted from the amount due, and the invoice remains open. The payment transaction is fully settled and is closed.

If the amount paid equals the amount due, the payment and invoice transactions are closed.