Update All Items in a Route

Hi all,

I have a general routing question - I have a route created and applied to many parts. I would like to change an operation time for all of the parts, so I would like to make the change in the main route and have it apply to all the items, instead of changing the times manually for each part.

I have tried ‘Route Updating’ and ‘Approve’ on my route, but still cannot find a way to make this general change to all of the parts affected by the route. If it helps, my Route Status is set to ‘Preliminary’ if that changes anything. If anyone knows of a way to do this, I would be very grateful.

If the route was the same you could have linked the same route to many items and the single change impacts on all of the routes, but once it has a unique route id you need to update.

You should be aware there is no standard route status of preliminary - I am guessing this is a customization?

Hey Adam,

Ok, let me see if I am understanding correctly: if I create a route and link items to it, any change I make to the main route will affect the item’s sub-route. But if I change individual details in the item sub-route like operation time or routing group, it will create a unique route ID which shows up under ‘Overview’ when you click the ‘Route’ button group in the Route field. In this case, I would have to manually change the times and routing groups.



No not quite.

You can go to an item and create a route, this for example will be route R0045. You can also go to the main route form and look at R0045 and see the item it applies to, in this screen you can add another item, therefore we have item A and Item B looking at R0045, so if you change anything under R0045 it impacts on A and B. There is no real main and sub-route, they are either unique per item or you have a standard route used by multiple items, but then you cannot have unique settings for each item.