Update a Form

Hello Navision World, I have following problem, maybe oone of you could help me ! So, i have an Form ( 1.Tabel) with an Subform (2.Tabel) , and in the Subform (2. Tabel) i have a field (dec) that could modifiy by the User. So i what to show the sum of this Field in the Form 1. Okay i do this with an Calcfield, no problem. But if the user give an dec Value in this field (2.Form), the field in the Head of the first Form will not be updated. Only if i activte the 1 Form by clicking on it ! What can i do ?! ------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert schubert@dolphinct.de

Alejandro, This is a rather classic problem. There’s no immediate feedback from the subform to the mainform, there’s no function or statement to force an update of the mainform from within the subform. The only workaround is to use the OnTimer trigger of the mainform, where you can force a CalcFields( ). Set the Timer interval to something like 500 (milliseconds) to avoid an overentusiastic updating. John

Thank you John, but we use Navision Version 2.0 :frowning: But thanks

I try to layout the form so that the total fields are actually on the subform; this way the subform does all the work of maintaining the totals.