Update a Customer Information in Axapta by using AIF from C#

How to update the customer Information in C# by using AIF

I wrote code like below

using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Linq;

using System.Text;

namespace updateDcoument


class Program


static void Main(string[] args)


Update.CustomerServiceClient axCustTableService = new Update.CustomerServiceClient();

Update.AxdCustomer AxCustTableObject = new Update.AxdCustomer();

Update.AxdEntity_CustTable[] AxCustTableData = new Update.AxdEntity_CustTable[1];

Update.CallContext AxDocumentContext = new Update.CallContext();

AxDocumentContext.Company = “CEU”;

Update.EntityKey[] entityKeyList = new Update.EntityKey[1];

Update.EntityKey entityKey = new Update.EntityKey();

Update.KeyField[] keyDataList = new Update.KeyField[1];

Update.KeyField keyField = new Update.KeyField();

keyField.Field = “AccountNum”;

keyField.Value = “1103”;

keyDataList[0] = keyField;

entityKey.KeyData = keyDataList;

entityKeyList[0] = entityKey;

AxCustTableData[0] = new Update.AxdEntity_CustTable();

AxCustTableData[0].CustGroup = “100”;

AxCustTableObject.CustTable = AxCustTableData;

axCustTableService.update(AxDocumentContext, entityKeyList, AxCustTableObject);

System.Console.WriteLine("check if customer " + AxCustTableData.);





but i am getting error in
axCustTableService.update(AxDocumentContext, entityKeyList, AxCustTableObject);
which is i mentioned in bold letter’s

V.Venkateswar rao

any updates on this