UP Test run

I followed all instructions given in a guide, but when i start it, i have an error in every web-part: Script Execution Error: Object Reqiered or smth like that. What’s the trouble?

Something wasn’t installed correctly. What version of IE is installed on your IIS server? Django

IE 6.0 SP1

Can it be the trouble because of WinXP installed on server?

UP need Active Directory, AD are avaible only on 2k server or 2003 server Marco

Actually, you shouldn’t need AD because you could use database authentication instead of Windows authentication. I don’t know how having XP for a server would affect you. Try turning on unsigned ActiveX control downloads in your IE security and try turning on friendly error messages - you might get a line number where the problem is occuring. Django

Hi … I have tried various installations of User Portal and it´s in full use by a number of clients. I have never been able to get it going if the server is running XP, only W2K server. I have not tried the new servers from Microsoft. And IE6.0 can not be installed on the server, use IE5.5. Django, how is it possible to use database authentication? With best regards, Gulli

To use database authentication you need to be using 3.60 with hotfix 17. There’s some fairly good documentation available from Navision on setting this up. One thing it does allow is Internet access to your User Portals. Django

I’ve tried everything, but nothing changed…[:-(] Now i have Win2k, IE5.5 and unsigned ActiveX control downloads turned on… Error is still the same: Script Execution Error: Object Reqiered

Turn on the debugging options so you can see what installdashboards.js is doing. You need to make sure all of your parts and folders are being created properly. Does the error message specify a line in one of the files? Django

try re-install the dashboard (http://localhost/factory/dashboardadmin.htm)…select install.Me also had the same problem, but after i reinstall it, solved