Unvoid a Voided Check - AX2009

Vendor called to say check was lost. Check was voided in AX and new Check was printed. Vendor calls back to say check was not lost and was cashed. How can we unvoid the original check or reuse that same check number?

When you paid to vendor, you must have posted the payment journal and at that time the check status must be paid. Paid checks are not voided but reversed. I guess you must have reversed the check for reversing the entry.

I guess you can reverse a reversed entry. Check that.

Else, when check is generated, the status is sent and at that time it can be voided. If the payment is not posted, you can change the status of check on the journal line and re-use the check number if re-use check number is checked in Bank parameter.


Looks like our user did a payment reversal from the check which is now at a Canceled status. I was hoping for a way to get it back to a Paid status because the vendor did in fact cash that check.