UnUsed items in the system

Hi all,

is there a way to know or find un-used item in the system ? Those items that have never been purchased before.


Hi Taty,

Yes, there is report Inventory >> Transaction >> write selection reference != purchase.

you will get desirable result.

I will check that. Thanks Mohammed

Do not think that will work, as it will not list an item that has never had a transaction, which is I believe the question.

Not sure there is any way to do this - export the inventory transactions to Excel, export the items on a separate worksheet and perform a lookup. Not sure there is any standard report to show something has never been transacted against.

Good to know. Thanks Adam

You also need to consider the potential risk to identify an item that have just been created, therefore it has no transactions at all. So you may need to consider creation date also.

Yes. I agree with that. thanks again