Unsupported Datatypes

When I try to access a decimal field from an external database using ADO I am getting the following message: This datatype is not supported by C/SIDE. The fields I am reading are decimal fields and C/Side supports decimal fields doesn’t it? Help

just a thought: calc- and flowfields are shown in the designer as decimal fields. But in fact they have a different type from the standard decimal fields. Could it be that you try to access such a field ? Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

The decimal field I am trying to access is in an external Informix database and I am trying to pass it to a decimal global variable I have set up.

May be your field contains NULL value? Try to read field’s value as string and convert it to Decimal using EVALUATE function. Business Applications Programmer Sertified Navision Developer SIA “Sintegra” Latvia

The error message I am getting says that C/Side doesnt support the data type even when I try to read the record and so I cant even use the FORMAT function. It says that the available data types are; VT_VOID,VT_I2,VT_I4,VT_R4,VT_R8,VT_CY,VT_DATE,VT_BSTR,VT_BOOL. I know that the field I am trying to read from Informix is a Number field in the format Decimal (DBTYPE_DECIMAL not DBTYPE_CY) - is it that Navision only holds Currency Data Types and not true Decimal Data Types?

Navision Financials stores all decimals (normal fields, flowfields etc) in a BCD format (fixed point, not floating). The list of types you are seeing are OLE types for automation etc. You could try casting or converting the Informix type to a different type, such as FLOAT or REAL so that the VT_R4 or R8 type could be used.