Unreserving Quantity for ProdLine


i need to fully unreserve quantity against prodline with specified WMSLocationId

this is the code i use, it doesnt work, maybe somebody see why ?


while select * from newProdBOM where newProdBOM.ProdId == lProdTable.ProdId
inventMovement = InventMovement::construct(newProdBOM, InventMovSubType::None);

inventDimTable = InventDim::find(newProdBOM.InventDimId);

inventDimTable.wMSLocationId = ProdParameters::find().INSWMSLocationId;

inventDimTable = InventDim::findOrCreate(inventDimTable);

inventUpd_Reservation = InventUpd_Reservation::newInventDim(inventMovement,inventDimTable, 0, true);


Out of a functional interest, why do you want to do this?

Well cant tell, just the FDD asks so :slight_smile:

figured it out already, quantity had to be max int number

Not sure what I can say to that. Give them what is documented and hope it does not mess up standard processing setting changes or cause then more problems!

Have you tried by setting the opposite sign on quantity? (negative quantity)