Unposted transactions

In what tables are the un-posted customer and vendor transactions stored? These differ from unsettled transactions so any pointers would be appreciated.


I don’t have much idea related to tables, but i can say unposted vendor and customer transactions can be fetched from inventtrans.

Record with status On Order signifies Sales transaction and status Ordered signifies purchase transaction.

Cust and Vend trans are hit only when SO/PO is invoiced.


It could be SpecTrans. Look at one in your form and compare to see if its there.

VendTransOpen for Vendors

CustTransOpen for Customers

SpecTrans I believe is those that are marked for payment, but not processed

If you are talking about the unposted G/L transactions that get moved to the G/L as part of the “Batch transfer for subledger journals”, then you should be looking at the SubledgerJournalEntry table. There is a Status field that tells you what has been transferred and what hasn’t.

The AccountingEvent will tell you which source document holds the original transaction.

Let me know if you need anything else.


Thank you all for your responses. I’m taking a look at them now and will update you all when I have a better understanding.

Is there a provision in Dynamics AX 2012 where you get to see effect of any transaction entry passed? in some ERP, you have a form where you are able to see financial effects of entry…posted or unposted, you will see the Main account etc the debit/credit are going or intended. can anyone please tell me how to go about viewing such transactions? unposted/posted transactions