Unpost in AX


Because I’m coming from another Accounting system , I always compare the facilities in the old system with AX ,

In General Ledger if i enter a General Journal and i post it ,Later i figure out ther’s a Mistake in the Journal , Is there’s any way to UNPOST this Journal ? I couldn’t find this facility in AX

Is this means I have to handle this by entering a Journal to corect this Journal ?

All Systems has UNPOST task for this purpose

Why AX has no suach a facility?

In AX you dont have an option to Unpost - you can reverse the trasaction - Un-post and reversing the transaction may convey the same thing. If you compare any ERP’s the majority of the functionalities will be similar (Because many of the ERP will be build on the Standard Business Functionalities and they obey the legal requirements) - but how these functionalities will be handled may or may not be same.

Hope you understood.

Previous legacy systems broke all audit requirements with unpost facilities, reversing gives full auditability as required by most businesses. Imagine you post a journal declaring a rised profit and then unpost it the next month - nothing wrong with that is there? [:D]

Yes I got it thanks