unpick Transfer Order by code

in axapta 2009, i need to unpick all the picked item on 1 transfer order, i know it can be manually do with function pick, buat i need to write code to unpick all item automaticly, anyone can help me?

What is the problem with confirming the pick as 0? It does not take very long, you would certainly take longer to code the process for the posting? If it is a regular event what is causing it, if not why not do it manually? I cannot help on the code, but obviously you need to set the quantity picked to zero in the picking list journal line and run the update process.

already solved :slight_smile:


If possible could you let us know how you resolved this issue please? Perhaps this might be useful for somebody someday.


I made a form like function unpick and call the form repeatly (looping per Item), I didn’t show the form, just proccess unpick then close the form again

this is just a temporary solution because i must made this function asap, hopely can convert it to a class :slight_smile:

Can you show the code for calling the form? Are you just calling the standard form for this? I’m trying to do this on the sales order. Did you have to populate the tmpInventTransWMS? I’m trying to do the same thing. I wrote a class and I get this weird error message in my while select loop (I’m looping through the salesline/inventtrans records to unpick all the lines at once, you just pass in the salesid). The error message is “joined cursor has been used in another SELECT statement”.

A code example would be most helpful, thanks!