Unknown ODBC Error

We just upgraded Navision from 2.0 to 3.01B. Our custom VB program can no longer retrieve all records from a Navision table. Here are the details: Initially, my cursor rsNAV was “select * from ‘G/L Account’”. This was only pulling in 124 records out of 1800. When I was doing my comparison, going through the recordset “rsNAV” my pointer was getting lost and generating an error “UNKNOWN ODBC ERROR”. I checked the EOF maker and it was false. In debug mode, I would do a row count on the recordset and my pointer would find itself and continue on without error. I then changed the select statement to “select No. from ‘G/L Account’” which pulls in only the field that I need. This generated a recordset of the full table (1800). When I ran the program the error “UNKNOWN ODBC ERROR” didn’t happen and the program ran to a successful completion. Does anyone know why we cannot retrieve the whole table? Thank you. Scott

It’s possible that this is due to date fields. Some records may contain blank dates, which is translated in 2.60E and above to 1/1/1753. To test this. Use the statement:

sql = "SELECT ""No."", ""Last Date Modified"" FROM ""G/L Account"""

For some accounts, “Last Date Modified” is blank. Also, try enabling/disabling “Closing Date Supported” in the C/ODBC setup. Prior to version 2.60E, ADO or C/ODBC fails to convert blank dates to “something” or even a zero date, and gives an error message. I think this happens when the recordset is marshalled.