unknown field unit of measure in item BOM component

Dear All,
I am studying about item BOM now and confusing about the item BOM especially production lead time field unit of measure. I don’t know how to explain it to a client if they ask the unit of measure, when I type 2d, the error message said “you can’t type 2d in integer, …”
Could you tell me the effects if I have to made some modification by change the datatype on its table (BOM component table), I don’t know if the field links to other table and I need not only change in the table but also another tables. I expected your answer so much.



In which field are trying to enter 2d? Not in Production Lead Time. That is a DateFormula not an Integer.
Or did somebody change the field type? … that would answer your second question about the effects of changing a standard field data type - nothing will ever work any more! [:)]

Never under any circumstances change the data type of a standard field … NEVER.

Actually the Production Lead Time field in the BOM Component table is an integer. And I second the sentiments about NEVER, EVER changing the data type of a standard field. If you don’t like the meaning of a field, you create a field yourself and use that instead of the standard field. That way you have control over what happens with it, instead of having to fix all the problems that are caused by the modification.

Field no. 18 in table no. 99000772? [:^)]

Table 99000772 is the Production BOM Line table, we are talking about the BOM Component table (table 90), and field number 13.

Oh! [:$]

The field made me wonder. It’s realy confusing, the field is disgusting too.

Based on online help :

Production Lead Time Field
The BOM Component Table

Here you can enter the time it takes to procure the particular bill of materials component.
In connection with machines, it can be the time it takes to produce one unit of the component

It speaks about time, so the time unit is second, week, day or etc. but there is no field explain or strengthening the field usage.



Actually the field doesn’t seem to be used anywhere. I guess it was put there for future possibilities, but, sine this isn’t a production BOM, the possibilities never became true.

Yes I think so too. To me it looks like they were about to include some kind of BOM Component planning functionality and decided not to do it after they added this crazy field. I had the same questions reading the F1 help “so is it minutes? Days? Seconds?”.

I just did a ‘where used’ in the ndtk and it came up empty. I would just leave the field alone and don’t worry about it.

Originally the plan was to expand the BOM Component into a Manufacturing system, in fact there were a number of add-ons doing this. (My Stock Manager for example), then for various reasons the decision was to create seperate BOMs for production. So some of the necessary fields got into the BOM Component table, but were never actually used.

Keep in mind that back then planning was going to be very simple, and thus an integer field was enough to do the job.

It was always odd, that sometimes PC&C would add a field, and then not use it and just leave it there. Other times they would remove a field that seemed logical to keep. By the way, the field was introduced into Navision in version 3.55 so its been around now for a while doing nothing.

I do seem to remember though that there was at least one report that used that field. And I think the field came from the BMS manufacturing system, but I’m not sure.

Thanks for the historical perspective David, always entertaining and useful. What is PC&C?

PC&C ? huh … you know; the company that wrote PC Plus. [;)]

I guess I am dating myself, but I have never heard of PC Plus :slight_smile:

PC&C was a small company based in a small castle in Denmark that wrote an accounting package called “PC Plus”. Eventually that product became what we now know as Dynamics NAV.


Hmm has Navision really had 17 names? Isn’t that a lot of name changes?

I am sure that it would like to be a BOM component that purposed to manufacturing field application as David said. Because there is a machine field too there. It should be remembered that every fields in Navision actually is an asset that have a selling value for prospect customers with different business processes among others. Although add-ons can keep it used for some specifics purposes, but Navision standard designer in PC&C or in Microsoft also must have considerations in every fields they created.