Unknown automation


I’m tryiong to use an old, but useful tool, on a new computer running 64 bits Windows 7. When I run the tool from Object Designer, I get an error message saying that it is impossible to crwate an instance for the OLE control or the Automation server… anybody could tell me what I should looking for?

I hope you have googled with the GUID and registered in your server and all client machines…

hi Anna,

You need to check this on a working machine. that will tell you what to look for . Then you can copy or install that COM object on this very machine ,that is missing this COM.


Indeed! The missing automation is CSideWindows. I have one, but it is not good for W7. I searched the net, but could not find a newer one…

Thanks to Gabor and Mohana for their answers. They helped, but my problem is not solved yet.

Anybody knows whether a version of CSideWindows compatible with Windows 7 is somewhere to be found?

Ciao Anna,

sorry, but what that csidewindows object does ? Should that be a standard object ? I dont seem to have that , so not sure. It may be cfront or related object.

If not we really cannot help.


Well , I searched a bit more and it looks like a custom software or dll that you are reffering to.


I guess you may want to install this. If this doesnt work then you can go and ask the developer. This is not an NAV issue though.