Unknown Automation Server.Unknown Class

hi sir i haave a dout in navision ,

based upon one url i imported one code-unit in that code-unit local variable has automation server but in our navision that server is not there and it showing Unknown Automation Server.Unknown Class in that url only .net folder is there with the help of that .net folder how i create dll file and how to import that dll file to navision

my ref url


can any one revert back again …

Firstly, try to figure out which automation it is trying to get. The .dll file will be usually created by .net developers these .dll which you are searching might be available already, if not just find where is that .dll, probably you can browse online to search if the dll file you are searching is already available or it may be already available in NAV add-ins folder too. once you’re done with that,

You should copy all the required .dll file which it is asking inside the Add-ins folder,
“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\100\Service\Add-ins” and
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\100\RoleTailored Client\Add-ins”

Once copied, check the same .dll file if its blocked by going to its properties, once you are sure of that,

you can call the same .dll in nav by creating a variable of datatype DOTNET or automation and try to compile it, later on you will be good to go with your things.