unix timestamp

hi I need to convert at unix timestamp (an integer value which is the sum of seconds since 1970 0:00:00 UTC). Is there any easy way to do this in attain 3.70? Either with a C/AL function or with an automation objekt? or do I need to program it from scratch? If I need to program it does any body have some source code that can do so that I dont need to begin from rock bottom :wink:

Ok I found the solution. CalcEndDate_EndTime(StartDate : Date;StartTime : Time;Duration : Integer;VAR EndDate : Date;VAR EndTime : Time) //Duration in Seconds IF Duration = 0 THEN BEGIN EndDate:=StartDate; EndTime:=StartTime; EXIT; END; NoOfDays := Duration DIV 86400; RemDur := Duration - (NoOfDays * 86400); EndTime := StartTime + (RemDur*1000); EndDate := StartDate + NoOfDays; IF EndTime < StartTime THEN EndDate := EndDate + 1; I give the function 01011970 as startdate and 000000 as startime. And the unix timestamp as duration. And it returns the date and time for the timestamp. The most funny part is that I allready had the function in a toolbox :wink: Just didโ€™nt think about using it.