Units of Measure

Good Afternoon everyone I have yet another question for you. A few of our items are sold by the single unit and by a case unit. Can we use one item number for both selling units? Or do we have to have one item number for the single unit and one item number for the case unit? I am only concerned with the selling side we purchase the item by the case and that is already set up. Thanks for all you help SBanatt

HI there. Yes, this is part of standard Navision. Not knowing what version you are on, my instructions may be a little off - On the Item Card, Invoicing tab, there is a “Sales Unit of Measure” field. This field allows you to sell in different unit of measure then the base unit of measure. For each item, you’ll have to add the new unit of measure, and give it a relationship to the base unit (how many base units are in the new unit).

Your answer of yes is confusing. I know we can we can receive by case and sell by one. But can we receive by case and sell by one or case for the same item? We are using Navision Attain 3.01a soon to be Navision Attain 3.01b.

In “base” Navision, there is only 1 selling unit of measure per item. Without any modification performed, you will be required to create a separate item number per uom that you wish to sell in. Hope this clears things up for you.

You can receive in one or more units of measure and sell in one or more, overlapping or non-overlapping, units of measure. Navision’s Unit of Measure conversion functionality is very flexible. All you have to do is define all the Units of Measure for that specific item. By the way, the units of measure can even be in fractional units (e.g. 0.25, 0.5, 0.1, etc) if you don’t mind having fractional unit inventory. In other words you could buy in cases and sell in eaches or do the reverse or do both. The only absolute requirement is that the Base Unit of Measure must be 1 (one) of something (e.g. 1 case, 1 piece, 1 kilo,…)

To expand on Bill’s response: He is correct that there is only one default purchasing and one selling unit of measure defined. But I believe within the context of a sales order or a purchase order, you can override the default unit of measure to any unit of measure you have defined for that particular item.

Thank you all for your help Have a good night sbanatt