UnitofMeasureUnitConversion class

I’m trying to add a number of unit conversions to different items from a CSV through X++. There seems to be a class built into AX to do this called unitofmeasureunitconversion which can take unitofmeasureunitconversion_conv through a parm method.

In most cases like this there is a class that can be run which will then add this to the tables but in this case I’m struggling to find it.

There is a class called unitofmeasureunitconversionservice but this doesn’t seem to contain a method to do this. Does anyone know if there is a class to add unit of measure conversion built through these classes or will it need to be done through table inserts?


Might help you.

Thanks, but I’m currently using 2012, not 09. I’ve looked into it and can’t find any class that enters the container class into the tables so I’m just using inserts instead.