Unitek's Microsoft CRM Dedicated Portal Comes to the Rescue of Business and IT Professionals

Unitek Education, one of North America’s leading IT education and training organizations, has announced the introduction of a personalized Microsoft CRM portal. In essence, this high-powered, all in one educational solution caters to the advanced needs of Unitek’s clients and valued customers. (PRWEB) – With this new portal, Unitek will be able to better service the ever growing educational needs of its Microsoft CRM customer base at its own Microsoft CRM Blog. (http://www.unitek.com/training/microsoft/crm/blog) Experience gained through successful implementation of Microsoft CRM for itself as well as for its clients coupled with its extensive knowledge gained through teaching Microsoft CRM, afford Unitek the ability to make this portal a god send for business and IT professionals faced with the day to day challenges inherit in implementing and supporting a CRM application.This resource is a major upgrade to the extensive suit of training tools and will provide users with an enhanced interface and online experience. As such, it will act as a virtual gold mine of information for both business and IT professionals and Microsoft CRM customers.In lieu of Microsoft’s recent release of CRM 4.0, Unitek has scheduled special upgrade courses for new users and customers upgrading from CRM 3.0. The Unitek CRM blog has posted extensive information and tips for this exciting new release. This educational solution demonstrates Unitek’s commitment to providing their clients and students with personalized access and exclusive information as they enhance their training initiative in all areas of Information Technology.With Microsoft CRM, companies of all sizes can mange their customer relationships with focused precision. Of course, such powerful software can only maximize the business strategies with a fundamental understanding and application of the technology.The purpose of Unitek’s new CRM 4.0 portal is to provide an invaluable resource for clients and those individuals interested in improving their skill level with Microsoft CRM. The uniquely personalized approach is designed to encourage comments and questions from users of the portal as they interact and gain feedback from the CRM experts. The CRM portal also provides tips from highly advanced CRM modifications to time-saving techniques to maximize revenues with the use of Microsoft CRM.Such a forward thinking step is not unusual for Unitek, as it already has a distinguished and industry recognized reputation for being one of the leaders in the field of IT training and consultancy.“Both companies and individuals have told us that it is easy to do business with us. I am grateful to our customers for fueling such remarkable growth,” remarked Paul Afshar, Unitek’s CEO.This client focused approach has led to a huge expansion and has earned Unitek a well-respected reputation in the industry. In fact, Unitek has recently been named the Microsoft Training Partner of the Year in addition to a number of other highly claimed certificates and awards.Following close observation of the Microsoft CRM marketplace, Unitek identified a distinct lack of personalized, one-on-one Microsoft CRM training for IT professionals and others interested in learning how to design, set-up and manage Microsoft CRM. While there is a large amount of very general CRM information across the Internet, there was no systemic or well-organized training portal available until now. Unitek has categorized and logically detailed many real life case studies of working CRM examples inside the newly published portal.The CRM portal recognizes that users want access to experts who will answer personalized questions and comment on their current CRM systems. Also, the Microsoft CRM blog is regularly edited and published with reliable, up to date information on the cutting edge application of Microsoft CRM. The level of personal knowledge and expertise available to users on this portal platform is going to prove a huge benefit for anyone seeking training in Microsoft CRM. The technology is widely recognized as a leader in its field, but it is clear that many companies and IT professionals are not using it to its maximum potential. Unitek is now able to bring their students and clients the capability to access cutting edge Microsoft CRM techniques and implementation processes in a personalized, quick and easy manner.For information on Unitek’s new Microsoft CRM blog for IT professionals, please visit us at Microsoft CRM Blog (http://www.unitek.com/training/microsoft/crm/blog).About Unitek’s Microsoft CRM Training Division:Unitek specializes in IT learning and training for IT professionals and corporate clients. They also conduct certification training for individuals looking to advance their career in IT. This constant focus on high quality training and on customer service has led to Unitek’s expanding client base and business success. For more information please visit us at Microsoft CRM Training Portal (http://www.unitek.com/training/microsoft/crm).