Unit Price Tolerance Percentage on Invoice Matching Price Tolerances

How can I set up a product item to have an infinite matching price tolerance?

Set up is done at Accounts Payable > Setup > Invoice Matching > Price Tolerances

If PO has item cost at 0.00 but AP PO invoice has a unit price and line net amount that are greater than 0.00, then allow the line item to go through without a matching variance. I tried 99999.99 as the percentage but that didn’t work.


This solution will work:

  1. Go to menu path: Product information management > Common > Released products

  2. Select Product Item or Service

  3. Click Action button for Matching policy. Form will open.

  4. On form for Matching policy:

a) Set Matching Policy Level to: Item

b) Set Line matching policy to: Not Required

In Accounts Payable Parameters, go to Invoice Validation tab.

Recommended setting(s) include:

Post invoice with discrepancies: [Chose either value depending upon your preferences and needs]

Allow matching policy override: Lower or higher than company policy