Unit of Measures

I’m a relatively new user of Navision, and have little training opportunities at the company I work with. So I’m hoping someone can help me here.

Our usual Units of Measure are Litres or KGs. All finished goods codes have been assigned 1L as the UOM. We now have a customer that has a range of products in different volumes, 50ml, 75ml, 100ml, 250ml & 500ml, and they are insisting that we start to invoice per bottle.

I notice there is a Sales Unit of Measure on the item card and am wondering how can I set this up. i.e. we have a FG card with a UOM of 1L. Can I set up a Sales UOM of ‘Bottle’ and set the relationship 1L = 2 Bottles, 4 Bottles, 10 bottles etc?

If so how do I do this?

The concern I have is if I have a base UOM of 1L, and a Sales UOM is 75ml bottle, how does this interact, and what show’s up on the Sales invoice etc?

Many thanks,


It’s the other way around in NAV. You specify the standard UOM, and every other unit is expressed as a number of base units. Inventory is kept in Base units.

So if your standard would be Liter, and you have a 750ml bottle, you’d set that up in the Item Unit of Measure table (on the Item Card, hit the Item button and click Units of Measure). In there you create a new unit called BOTTLE750ML or something like that, and in the ‘Quantity per Unit of Measure’ you enter 0.75. Now you can order per bottle, and your inventory will be kept in number of liters.

You could also keep inventory in ML and specify everything in whole numbers of MLs. Makes rounding much easier.

Most of similar requirements are solved has Daniel referred. But this solution will also lead to a problem. Inventory will be kept in liters so you can have 3 liters in inventory but you will not know if is 3 bottles or 2 bottles are.
One way around is to use variants by creating a variant for each bottle type. In this way you can control inventory by bottle type.
Most customers normally will go by solution provide by Daniel but other also accept variants concept.