Unit of Measure.

Hello Experts,

I have imported form data migration all the items with the fild needed, but when i try to post purchase invoices i gett the message " The Item Unit of measure does not exist…"

In the item card is set the unit of measure, but when i click the assingn buton i see that is mising.

I find in tha table and i write in the cod filld in the way to post the document. Haw can i change or add the unit of masure for all the items.

Thank you.

When importing Items you must also fill in the related tables such as “Item Unit of Measure” with the item number and base unit of measure of your item.

The easiest now is to write a small report running through your items and create Item Unit of Measure records for the ones missing.

Do either call the ItemUoM.INIT method or set the “Qty. per Unit of Measure” to 1 manually.