Unit of measure

Hello We tried to implement Navision Manufacturing 2.60 in a stell tube manufacturing. We’ve got a problem with a unit of measure, because in this production we were using too may unit of measurement, for example we had a raw material we call mother coil we usually buy in Kg / tons. and also with a different kind specific thickness, wide long, and after that we had process slitting which is cut the mother coil to be came slitt coil. from 1 mother coil can be 8, 10 or more slitt coil, it depend on wide of the slitt coil, and the unit of measure still in kg and also depend on size wide, after process slitting we had processing tube to became long tube cutting aroung 6 meter and many more process complicated, so finally does navision can handled this unit of measure with many kind specific size… ? Thanks for the solution ?

Hi Firstly I apologise if I have misunderstood your processing here. You produce an indefinite number of slitt coild from 1 mother coil. Whilst not handling this with automatic flushing (as the end total is unknown) you could combat this with creating the output and consumption journals, so the consumption journal always consumes one mother coil whilst the output varies on the amount produced (I assume there is never a direct correlation, furthermore I have assumed that despite the differing dimensions the mother coil, irrelevant of dimensions, is always purchased and utilised under the same item number). Alternatively on the production BOM there is the option to produce the Quantity used on a length, width and depth basis. On the line of the Production BOM you specify the Calculation formula, the relevant length, width etc, and the quantity used is then calculated. Of course this is components rather than the parent, and if your width varies you would have to create and attach differing Prodcution BOM’s to accomodate the differing scenarios. I trust this helps and I have understood your problem. Steven Weaver XONITEK Systems (UK) Ltd +44 (0) 23 80641175 (Tel) +44 (0) 23 80641173 (Fax)

Looked at this for a similar prospect last year. The simplest way is indeed to use a manual consumption journal to issue the coil before slitting it into strips for forming into tube and use an output journal afterwards with no backflushing. A variation of this is to manually issue wide coil and receive the strips back into stock and then backflush the strips from stock when an output journal is done. More hassle because you have two stages of stock keeping but sometimes these places like to slit wide coils into commonly used strip widths during quiet periods so that they have them available for use at short notice. The other awkward fact is that coils are not usually a uniform weight so trying to keep track of the length and width of each reel is another factor. The difficulty we saw was with trying to work out the optimised selection of the wide coils to minimise wastage (keep the number of saw cuts to a minimum) and then scheduling the jobs so that they followed logically. You might also need to consider the issue of tracking the raw materials to the finished product. Cheers, John

Thanks to both of you guys, I get the point. Many thanks… Bambang W