Unit of Measure Error when Sub Contracting is used

Hi All, I am using NM 2.6E I use subcontractor for the production, the item is received back into the production using a purchase order. After the item is received, the “Quantity” and “Output Quantity” in the Prod. Order Ledger entry are updated with the same value. But in Prod. Order Ledger Entry if the “Entry Type” is “Input/Output” and “Type” = “Work Center or Machine Center”, the value in the “Quantity” field is referred as Time. Now finally when I test my database I get Unit of Measure Error. [The error also appears in NS 3.01A] Thanx for any Reply and Suggestions Srinivas Shetty

What is your “Unit Cost Calculation” field for the Work center? It should be Units (Not Time). In this case Quantity field referred as “Quantity produced”. Valentin Gvozdev Andel Jewelry Inc.

Hi srinivas Subcontractor is a separate workcenterlinked to vendor Number. The same workcenter can be used in routings. As and when we referesh the production order, subcontractor worksheet will get updated. From subcontractor worksheet we can directly create Purchase Order for subcontractor work. When we post this purchase order in receipt option, the cost of the purchase order will be captured in Production Order Ledger Entry. There are two types of unit cost in subcontractor workceter, First is Unit Based Cost & secondly Time Based Cost. We have to follow any one of these two method and the same consistancy must be maintained in subcontractor purchase order also. If there is a missmatch between workcenter unit cost and purchase order unit cost then navision will through this type of “Error Message” Ravi

Hi Ravi, The error is not because of difference in the unit cost in purchase order and work center. It is also not necessary that the Unit Costs must be the same in both Purchase order and Work Center card, they can be different any time. Try this case. Create a production order which includes a subcontracting work for an item and which is having the unit of measure as Kgs or Pcs. Complete all your production order trancastions and finally finish the production order. Now test the Database by using the File–>Database–>Test. You will get an error message. Srinivas Shetty

Hi Srinivas I have run this through in 3.70 and receive no error message. Did you find a solution or were you told it was resolved in a later version?