Unit of measure code doesnot exist

Have you created the UOM 250GR? It needs to be created to create the conversion.

Thanks Steven sir,

When i try to enter 250 Gr In Unit of measure field , system throw that error,.

So why it is showing this error.

You need to CREATE the record before defining the CONVERSION.

You are trying to define a conversion before creating the UOM, so create it, then go into here and define the conversion.

Thanks Steven sir,

I could not understand your valuable sentence.

could explain some more.

Go and create the 250gr UOM not from teh item or where you are doing it now.

THEN go to the item and add it as a conversion.

I gone to that item - Item (menu button) - Unit of measure form , here i try toassign the 250 Gr.

Here system throws error.

please help me.

You are trying to assign something that does not exist - have you ACTUALLY created the 250 gr UOM?

In other words - drill down to the next level i.e. the “Units of measure” form and create the code for 250 gr first. Then select it and return to the “Item units of measure” form to enter the factor.