Unit of measure best practice

The basic unit of measure table in Nav doesn’t include an option to discrimate between different types of measures. In our addon we need to fill lots of units of measure (for weight, physical dimensions, packaging,…).

Adding such a field to the standard Unit of Measure table seems simple enough, bu i guess other addons face the same issue. Is there some commond ground/best practice so we can minimize the chance of creating conflicting solutions?

Hi Wouter,

As a add-on provider, we modify the standard system only as a last resort. The whole idea of an addon is to be able to slot in with no effect to the standard system. In this case - what would happen if the customer had a unit of measure table already modified? I would suggest that you use your own table for this. It is a little bit more of an overhead but worth it in the long run.

I agree, modifying the standard system should be avoided as much as possible.

On the other hand, i want to avoid the situation where customer has to maintain the standard Unit of Measure table, the unit of measure table for Addon A and the unit of measure table from Addon B…

Yes this is more difficult. Are Addon A & B both your own? If so then why not have the table merged for A & B then modify the form to allow for this. You could show/hide enable/disable depending on the addon setup/installed.

e.g. A installed edit A type columns and likewise if B installed. If both the edit all colunms

Hope this makes sense.

No, we are only working on a single addon (Transport management). We expect our customers will use addons from other suppliers as well (Warehouse mangement, Payroll, etc…).