Unit cost still found in card although all entries related to item is 0 why

I want to create this item from first because it has proplem in unit of measure and quantity so that i do as following

1- adjustment inventory to this item to 0

2- make revaluation to all entries to this item to 0 using revaluation journal and make cost revalued to 0

3- adjust cost-item entries to this item

4- i open inventory field from item card to this item again i see all cost entries is 0 and inventory is 0

but in card in unit cost not equal 0 why and are this affect in g/l

although i check inside unit cost deop down menu i found all entries in item ledger entries is 0 and value entry is 0 to every entries specified this item

Are any wrong in steps i do it


Are any one has information about question above

are any one have any idea about question above

my proplem here after i make inventory to 0 quantity and 0 cost

item card show value in unit cost.this happen after i make adjustment by positive and negative to


are any one know the solution of proplem why this value show and are this affect in any account in program

please help me