Unit Cost report

Is there a report in 2.60 to show the cost of an item with BOM’s attached? I need to see the items,qty and cost that roll up to create the top level cost. The best one that I can find to do this is the Compare report but I dont want to compare and can’t seem to get completely rid of Item 2 as I don’t want to compare but just want to see the cost of item 1. I dont need to see it at each level.

Hi Art I do not have access to 2.60 currently but does it have the Rolled-up Cost Shares report?

Hey Steven, It does have the rolled up cost share but all the BOM quantities are 1 and it breaks down by levels. I want to be able to see for instance a total amount of a 10mm screws no matter if it is in 3 different levels. The compare report works great but can’t seem to get it to work just for Item 1. I dont need it to compare just give me the items.

Hi Art I am afraid you will have to get this from your NSC or design it yourself if no standard report exists, and I don’t think it does for your requirement - sorry [:D]