Unit cost price incorrect.

Has anyone had problems with unit cost reporting back spurious amounts??? In Attain 301b

HI Huges, What transactions are you taking about here. More Information required. Best regards, Prashanth NCFC, NCMC, NCSD prashycool@yahoo.com

See your NSC, Navision released an update (3.01b) for Item Cost calculation.

Alan, Unit cost seems to get muddled up the most if the stock goes into a minus… We are using FIFO as the costing method… The unit cost basically consists of The sum of the adjusted cost divided by the Inventory.This gives ridiculous results as the adjusted cost is sometimes zero… Apparently our reseller has been in contact with Navision UK who say that this Attain is actually working Correctly… Also the average price is Calcualting wild figures, our reseller is looking into it but says that altering the way that ciosting works is a mammoth task… Leegeorge Hughes