Unit cost on Purch Order

Hi all! I have a little problem. here are my setting: An item A Costing method: FIFO Base unit of measure: EA Purch. unit of measure: M ( 1 M =1000 EA) Unit cost: 0.44168$ on the item card Last direct cost: 0$ Vendor: ABC Direct Unit cost ( for that vendor): 440.60$ valid from june 2003 until june 2004 I create a PO with vendor ABC and item A: qty 2M, this is what i got: Direct unit cost exc tax: 444600.00$ Why that??? I really need 440$ as unit cost but I dont need the system to multiply by 1000. Anyhelp please.

Hi Rosine What have you got the “Unit of Measure” set as on The “Vendor Item Catalog” EA or M[?]

Hi Gault! The is nothing on the “purchase prices” form ( vendor item catalog I believe). Do I need to fill each line with a UOM? All data was imported from 2.5 to 3.6 and in 2.5 costs were good!!

Hi Tatiana


Unit of Measure Code Field The Purchase Price Table This field contains the unit of measure code for which the purchase price will be valid. To see the unit of measure codes in the Unit of Measure table, click the AssistButton in the field. If you leave the unit of measure code field blank, the purchase price will be valid for all unit of measure codes.

If you assign ‘M’ as the “Unit of Measure” on the “Purchase Prices” form the “Purchase Line” will then calculate using the correct U.o.M. not the Base U.o.M. So i would create a new line for each U.o.M. needed.