Unit cost not displaying in Purchase orders

Hello NAV Friends,

Our NAV 2013 system (version 7.0.33781.0) is not displaying the unit cost for line items on the our purchase orders. Any help for where to look is greatly appreciated. Our test system however displays it properly. What gives? Any help for where to look is greatly appreciated.

Production System (does not display unit cost properly)

Test System (Displays Unit cost properly)

Is there any customization in program ? Try to run the adjust cost batch job and check.


This page seems like a custom Page, Did you tried doing it on main purchase order page and check if Unit Cost is coming?

Hi Amol,

Yes, we have many done many customizations. The Adjust Cost batch job runs nightly and it ran successfully last night but it appears that the unit costs are still zero in the purchase order.



Thanks for your reply. I’m already viewing from the main purchase order page (see below)

and opening the Purchase Order (P-01524 in this case)

Okay, more information. This is only happening when items are in a certain location. Any ideas?