Unit Cost in Item Card

How can I see exactly what transaction caused the unit cost to change? I have an item with a cost that changed form $28.35 to $68.31. The last PO was for $28.35 plus an import fee of $1.20 per item. the next line is a shipment with the cost of the item at$68.31. I cannot seem to drill down in the correct plact to see exactly what hanppnened to cause the change in the cost.

Have you run the adjust cost batch job to see if the cost changes after that?

If we have someting way off, we usually run the Revalutaion Journal → Calc invt report. (see options tab)

You will see the transactions & their prices. which can be corrected.

As already discussed here many times - keep in mind that costing data on IC is approximate, and general advice is to IGNORE these fields, better even hide those at all.

Depending on costing method selected, the “cost” in IC varies in its approximity, worst figures are, if Average is used. The ONLY place to track down costs is in ILE (and Value entries), given you run ACIE regularily. (And last place to look after costing data is Docs tables - approximate costing info is grabbed from IC upon creation of the doc, and is NEVER updated later).

Do some search for cost or costing here in forum - you’ll find many threads explaining this case.