Unit cost in Item card

Hi What is the exact difference between Average cost and unit cost field in Item card.Beacus I created a new item , costing method is FIFO , I purchased items with different costs .When it goes to the fields the both fields have same values likeAverage cost ( Lcy) = 156.66667Unit cost = 156.667Could any expert throw what is exact dffernce between the fields.Is there any chance to differ both values . ?Even I gone through the F1 Help, I could not understand .

The unit cost will always be the average cost except in timing differences depending upon your cost posting setup. Book another item in for 200 - what are the costs? Then run the adjust cost item entry routine - what are the costs?

Thanks Adam,Again I purchased the item with different costs and invoiced.My set ups are aAutomatic cost posting = YesAutomatic Cost Adjustment = yes After I post all purchase transactions , I run AICE,Still the both fields are same.Please let me know then what is use .

Better to throw one good example to differ these fields.

I hope u can throw some example.

Set automatic cost adjustment to No Process receipts in for different costs Process an invoice in for a different cost Do this across different days Is there a difference?