Unit cost - error maximum 2 decimal places.


I am working on Nav 5.0 sp1.

In purchase order , In direct unit cost field I have to enter 202.3659.

But when I try to enter system is throwing some message

That is

The field can have a maximum of 2 decimal places.

For this I am giving some information about my setups ;

Currency code = Blank

G/L setup :

Amount decimal Places = 2: 4

Unit – Amount decimal places = 2: 4

Currency card setup :

Amount decimal places : 2: 5

Unit amount decimal places : 2: 5

Why the system is throwing this error.

Where I need to change the setup

Turn on debugger to see where the code is preventing this, it will give you an insight to the area restricting you to 2 decimal places.

Thanks steven,

Even I try to run the debugger to find out the problem.

Debugger is not working for this error only.

So I throw this query to forum to know the answer from experts.

Hi Steven,

I just tried it out it Nav 5.0 SP 1 and I have no Issues on Decimals. Which Country Version r u using? Try checking it in “Standard Navision” CRONUS and then compare the both.

Hi Folks,

You need to look at the rounding precision fields in conjuction with the decimal places fields. If you have a rounding precision set to 0.01 you will get the same error message.

Have you checked whether the form’s control or the table’s field have had their “DecimalPlaces” property modified?

I believe this was resolved by one of the related posts in this forum, or on mibuso, I cannot recal, but I do remember answering the same question in numerous different places so stopped [:D]

Hi Steven,

You’re spot on - even posted myself [:$] - had the same dejvue

Anyway for completeness here’s the link


No response there either [:^)]