Unit Conversion

We are selling a product that has 12 pieces inside a box and on the system we a selling them in 12 however they are actually picked in 1’s (12 in a box) my question is how do i get to represent 1 on the picking sheet ? Because at the moment picking sheets only display 12 so people are picking 12 of these boxes which actually end up being 144 and lots of ££££ is disappearing.

My suggestion, create a unit of measure lets call it DUB (dozen unit box), assign it to the item as selling unit of measure. Create the conversion factor at the item level, saying that 1 DUB = 12 pieces, and 1 pieces = 0.0833333333333333 DUB (you need it both ways created).

So in the sales order, you need to indicate you are selling 1 item, and the unit of measure DUB. Give instructions at the warehouse that 1 DUB means 1 box of 12 pieces.

I’m not sure, if the item already has transactions, if AX will allow you to change the selling unit of measure. For the inventory unit of measure I’m sure you can not, but I don know for the selling. If this is the case, then you may need to create a new item number, assign the units of measure as mentioned and transfer the stock from the old item number to the new one.

Good luck

In this way you can also view your inventory both in pieces and in DUB’s

Think it is the other way around, stock in boxes, sell in singles, so the selling unit of measure is the single, then they will need a order multiple of 12 (probably) to warn sales of a part box but the picking list is the inventory UOM (would need to look at the software to verify this but think it is this way around).

Yes if it has transactions you cannot alter it.